Music, life’s tonic


By Chikaodi Chukwuleta

THERE is nothing in the world like the sound of your favourite song going on. It just gets right in to your head and your body and makes you move or may be it takes you on a journey to a far away place, where you languish in a memory of times gone by and people who are no longer present.

Some of our favourite songs can fix us up out of depression and sorry state and make an otherwise horrible day suddenly seem like it’s not so bad.

World Music day celebrates music in all forms and the impact it had on the world and the human spirit.
Music has existed for as long as mankind has found its voice and quite possible before. Every culture of the world has its own form of music as distinct and unique to its area as language and culture. In the western world we are familiar only with scale that is known as the Diatonic scale which should be familiar to anyone who took music classes or choir in school. But this is not the only or even the first scale that music can be.

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There is the chromatic scale which has 12 notes instead of the 7 and the octatonic scale which has 8 notes, but these are just the beginning. In every part of the world, there are different scales and musical formats used and these create a form of music that has its own signature. Then when you add in the cultural themes, the variety of instruments and the forms of voice singing that can go along with it, Music is a truly endless adventure.

Victor Huge quoted that music expresses that which can not be put in words and which can not remain silent. Every June 21, The world celebrates world music day in 120 countries. Its usually a mix of amateur singers, local bands, professionals and even international artists celebrate the gift of music where ever they found themselves that day.

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In some of the 700 cities that recognize WMD, there are usually a series of uncoordinated events holding in streets, parks, restaurants, halls where music lovers, singers, instrumentalists can pop in and make merry. In Washington DC for instance, volunteers run the show in a special make music day event This year, it happened in more than 17 venues with more than 69 artists and groups show casing.

World music day originated in France in 1982. The event is known as fetedala musique. Since then, the idea has spread across the globe with each event holding to the same simple set of principles. The day is held on the mid-summer solstics and that all concerts and events are free and accessible to the public.
In Nigeria, there will be events were held simultaneously across the country, a number of Nigerian music stars visited some venues.


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