World HIV/AIDs Vaccine Day


HIV/AIDS is an ever present health issue around the globe. Yet, there is still no known vaccine that can be used to stem the flow of this deadly infection. To raise awareness of the continued need for a vaccine, a day has been set aside every year, as the HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, or World Aids Day.
This day is commemorated every May 18, to celebrate those who help victims of the infection, HIV vaccine advocates also mark the day by promoting the continued urgent need for a HIV/AIDS vaccine. They acknowledge and thank the thousands of volunteers, community members, health professionals, supporters and scientists who are working together to find a safe and effective AIDS vaccine and urge the international community to recognize the importance of investing in new technologies as a critical element of a comprehensive response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
The concept of World AIDS Vaccine Day is rooted in a May 18, 1997 commencement speech at Morgan State University made by the then-President, Bill Clinton. Clinton challenged the world to set new goals in the emerging age of science and technology and develop an AIDS vaccine within the next decade stating, “Only a truly effective, preventive HIV vaccine can limit and eventually eliminate the threat of AIDS.”
The first World AIDS Vaccine Day was observed on May 18, 1998 to commemorate the anniversary of Clinton’s speech, and the tradition continues today. Each year, communities around the globe hold a variety of activities on World AIDS Vaccine Day to raise awareness for AIDS vaccines, educate communities about HIV prevention and research for an AIDS vaccine and bring attention to the ways in which ordinary people can be a part of the international effort to stem the pandemic.
This year, Volunteers, community members, health professionals and scientists involved in HIV vaccine research will be recognised. It is also a time to educate communities of the importance of HIV vaccine research. HIV research includes studies underway to develop both preventive and therapeutic vaccines:
A preventive HIV vaccine is intended for people who do not have HIV. A safe and effective preventive HIV vaccine is key to ending the HIV/AIDS pandemic
A therapeutic HIV vaccine is intended for people who have HIV. A safe and effective therapeutic HIV vaccine could prevent HIV from advancing to AIDS, replace daily use of HIV medicines, and help rid the body of HIV.


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