Nigeria in disorder


By Victor Maduagwuna

Nigeria now seem to be very far from order. Indeed, chaos seems to be the order of the day. There is no day that passes without stories from all corner of our country about killing of innocent Nigerians at their homestead or kidnapping. The fear of the unknown insurgents is the beginning of wisdom, since the government whose primary duty protection of lives and properties of the category seem not ready to take appropriate measures to stop the blood letting especially in Benue, Taraba and Sothern Kaduna which are basically Christian dominated areas in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Donald Trump alluded to this sense of chaos when he talked about the killing of Christians at their place of worship in Benue and east empire of corruption in Nigeria. No day passes now without repots of multiple cold-blooded killings in different parts of the country. These are acts perpetrated by murderous marauders called Boko Haram or herders or criminal emigrants from our neighbouring North African countries. Men of the security agencies keep insisting cattle herders are harmless stick wielders that only carry cutlasses to clear their paths. But Nigerians can not disbelieve the facts before them.

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They know their killers are members of a particular ethnic group with weapons beyond the efficiency of a cutlasses much less a rude staff to produce their cattle. Nigerians cannot forget the fact that those who have made them ruthless in their own country are invariably garbed in military fatigue and carry out their murderous activities with professional efficiency. While Buhari can not be accused of giving them direct order to go about their plunder, his failure to bring them to account in a way that convince Nigerians that he is committed to their security moves gently by omission. This is a case of guilt by failure at the very least.

That he could not get the inspector-general of police to act or make his service chiefs to take on the intruders in any way, makes him complicit in the act of ethnic cleansing that is being executed across different parts of the country. What has been going on in the name of herdsmen killing is a grand case of ethnic cleansing as the killers not only belong to a different ethnic stock from their preys, they take over the sacked towns, and villages of the helpless Nigerians after sending them, the rightful owners, to settlement for displaced persons. Buhari insists on behaving as if all is well. He goes about campaigning for his re-election.

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Nigerians may not have gotten to the point where they are going after one another in the indiscriminate manner the herdsmen terrorism demand. But that is not to say that all is well with the country. Daily, our state of lawlessness is proclaimed before us. Governors are fallen off moving vehicles while lawmakers are locking themselves in their homes or jumping out of moving vehicles to evade arrest. They are appearing in court on beds though that ended. They are appearing in court on beds though that ended with Olise Metals or stealing the Mace, their own symbol of legislative authority. The national legislative body has delayed, more or less, refused to pass the budgets half way into the financial year. Presidential orders are being flouted with impunity and close surrogates of the President are themselves guilty of corruption even when nothing happens to them.

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Amid all these political parties are getting poised for the next round of generate election while party congress degenerate into centres of violent encountes. Human life is worth nothing than a bullet and those who have the responsibility to act to stem this like of blood – letting have somehow convinced themselves that there is nothing to worry about. Nothing seems to be working according to order, yet our leaders, particularly our President, go about as if all is just fine. We are back in a sense to the state of insecurity that preceded the 2015 election, the only difference are the actors. But the question remains, what is the President doing about this?


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