How to stone clothes

STONE is a hard solid mineral substance that is found in the ground usually carved in different shape for a particular purpose (e.g) precious stone.
Rhine stones are jewels that sparkle like diamonds and transforms the look of clothes the same way that other accessories do. Indeed, a brilliant rhinestone wear, scalded dress need no extra jewelry. These shining glass stones can make all the difference to your outfit.
The acrylic stone can look classy and embellish your clothes very well too if you have the knack of arranging them into pretty patterns.
Around the neck of tops, on the cuffs, on collars around the perimeter of your scarf, on a waist tie or on a brooch-the rhinestone can add the required sparkle to your clothes and accessories. Rhinestone chains are great when used as borders. Rhinestones can also greatly enhance the look of embroidered motifs. And printed motifs even when used sparingly.
The rhinestone is available in wide range of sizes, colours and finishes. There are different types of rhinestone according to the method used to fix it to the fabric. There are!
Glue fix rhinestone which are the most type of rhinestone. Fabric glue is used here. You can hold it in a place for sometime, after some time the stones will be neatly adhered to the cloth. Sometimes these stones come with a small foil in the back of the stone which you have to peed off before applying glue. These are available for the expensive stones and these foils protect the stones from damage. The expensive stones also will come with their own recommendation as which glue to use. Ensure that you are applying just enough glue to the back of the stone to avoid glue squishing out from under the stone and making marks on the cloth.

Hot fix rhinestone- This have already glue behind them. It is activated and permanently adheres to the fabric when you apply glue to them. Like no pleather, plastic, vinyl, leather, you have to be extra careful with thin sheer fabric. If you apply more heat than these materials could bear and they will be destroyed.
The four things you have to get right for correct attachment of hot rhinestones are- correct heat applied, duration of heat applied and pressure you apply. Meanwhile, all depends on the specific material use.
Sew on rhinestone- These types of rhinestones have holes in them through which you can hand- sew them to the fabric. You can use a beading needle and the colour of the thread of your garment. The holes will be in the centre of the rhinestone or on the periphery. You can use small straight stitches to attach them. Make sure that tools used for heat application are for fixing rhinestones
Heat Press: This is used mostly for commercial purposes when you have a large number of items to press on to. It is very convenient to be use but expensive
Iron Box: This is used generally at homes to fix the rhinestones
Handy hot fix tool: This is a small tool which is great for applying rhinestones. This heat applicator comes with different tips suitable for applying heat and setting different sizes of rhinestones. If you work with rhinestones a lot, this can make your work very easy. You can apply rhinestones to curved surfaces with this tool, which is not possible with the above tools.
Sew on Rhinestones: These rhinestones will have holes in them through which you can hand-sew them to the fabric. You will need a beading needle and thread the colour of your garment.
The holes will be in the center of the rhinestone or on the periphery. You can use small straight stitches to attach them. Make sure that you are tying knots at the back after each rhinestone is fixed; this way even if one stone comes loose the whole embellishment would not come loose together at once
The knots and stitches in the back will scratch your skin if you do not have a backing ; What you can do is to keep the facing of your necklined/ cuff/collar open and attach the facing open edge to the main fabric after you have sewn the rhinestones; this way the facing will protect your skin from the irritating thread on the back of your work. Use small whip stitches to attach the facing to the garment.
Mesh backed rhinestones: This consists of a strip of mesh with the rhinestones attached. You can cut it into the shape you want and use it as it is, for home decor projects like decorating a candle vase.

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