Anambra to build World Class Market in Awka


By Rita Okonkwo


ANAMBRA State is making plans to build a world-class market that befits Awka, the state capital.

Briefing newsmen in his office at Awka, the Commissioner for Trade, Commerce, Market and Wealth Creation and Industry, Anambra State, Dr. Christian Chukwuma Madubuko stated that the market to be built must be of international standard.

He argued that the state capital is long overdue for a standard market, noting that the congested Eke Awka Market does not portray the right image needed to profile the state, the most populous and industrialized state in the South East in Nigeria. He cited the Austrian standard as the benchmark for the international market. “This means the market must have motor parks, fire station, and every other thing you can think of in a modern market.”

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The commissioner condemned the attitude of some individuals who park their vehicles anywhere they like in the market; and some market leaders who build illegal shops and all sorts of attachments inside the market, to make money for themselves, describing the situation as abnormal and totally unacceptable by Anambra State government.

Dr. Madubuko stressed that markets ought to have wide pathways to allow free flow of vehicles, also pedestrians’ paths for human traffic. He pointed out that markets are supposed to be the cleanest place, with proper drainage and waste disposal system, all these which will be a common feature in the new Awka market.

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The commissioner revealed that the proposed new market would be rid of fraudsters, who collect revenue from traders and to enrich themselves; dupe and pickpockets, who deceive and steal from unsuspecting buyers.

The Commissioner therefore declared that in no distant time, Eke Awka Market must surely be decongested and rebuilt to reach modern standards because the state government is making efforts to give Ndi Anambra the best they deserved.


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