Lets laugh it off: Sunday is World Laughter Day


By Chikaodi Chukwuleta


LAUGHTER is a window into the mind. It is an amazing way to connect with people. It is a response to certain external or internal stimuli.


Laughter is the perfect remedy with all the required ingredients for healthy life, as it can change the mental state of its beholders as well as receivers. Laughter therefore, is the best medicine to ward off danger of modern day monotonous and mechanised life style.


Different laughter clubs organise special programmes on the World Laughter Day which includes mass laughter session, peace rallies, blood donation camps, free Bp and diabetes tests, jokes and different competitions related to laughter.



World Laughter Day is an annual event celebrated world-wide to raise awareness about laughter. It came into existence in 1998 and was introduced by Dr Madan kataria.


He was popularly known as the person who conceptualised and implemented the concept of laughter yoga. It is due to his efforts that he came to know about the positive effects of laughter yoga.


He was the first person to set up a laughter club only with 5 members in Mumbai. Dr Kataria then worked towards spreading the word and laid the foundation that is now known as World Laughter Day. In the year 2017, it was celebrated on 7th of May and in 2018, it will be celebrated on the 6th of the same month.


During his career as a physician, Dr Kataria has always stressed the importance of healthy living without the use of medicine.


Though he was sanguine that laughter had immense positive qualities, he did not have a way of bringing it in front of the common people; then he started reading about researchers and common studies done on laughter.


He came to know how an American reporter, Norman Cousins suffering from a degenerative sickness used laughter treatment to regain health, while doctors had already said he would die soon. It had influenced him.


Kataria took up matters in his hand and started a laughter club in his hometown.


Laughter is important in the life of individuals because it reduces immuno-suppresant hormones.


The body secrets various kinds of hormones; some are good while others have negative effects.


If there is an imbalance of production of these hormones, an individual can suffer from stress and anxiety.


In case the level of this particular hormone increase, an individual can experience high-intended stress and anxiety. Laughter will trigger the production of a happy hormone that has the potential to counter this situation.


It produces endorphin: The main reason why we have a feeling of joy and experience a happy mood is due to the secretion of endorphin. It has been seen that human brain triggers the secretion of more endorphin when a person laughs, thereby producing more of this hormone.


Increases the overall immunity: In case you think that you have a low immunity, then you need to laugh more to develop it. The production of Wbcs or T-cells (laugh more if you want to) keep sickness and diseases at bay.


Natural form of exercise: In case you think that laughing will only increase your personality, you are mistaken. It has been proven that positive effect on the entire body. Apart from keeping the mind fresh, it will curtail the aging signs.


Burn calories: Studies have shown that a person who laughs for at least 15 minutes each day tend to burn almost 40 calories without even moving a muscle. As you drop unused calories, your health starts to improve drastically, thereby keeping obesity at bay.


Laughter day is celebrated for creating awareness among common people. With the celebration of world laughter day, people will come to know about the concept and acquire required knowledge providing a positive outlook towards life.


If an individual laughs for a significant time, they will not encounter any health or mental issues. In that case, they will be able to sport fit and positive attitude towards the society and other individuals. It will assist human beings in creating a better society as well. It also encourages them to follow positive paths to live a fit and active life.


Establishing the popularity of laughter clubs: you need access to proper laughter clubs to take part in laughter yoga.


Though the laughter clubs were not very popular some decades ago, their importance has been highlighted in the recent times. Survey reports show that there are more than 6000 such laughter clubs in every continent.


Promoting brotherhood among people: The foundation of the laughter clubs is a group activity. It stresses on the need of cooperation among all members. Thus with the celebration of the world laughter day, the bound of brotherhood will increase.


Endorsing world peace: Another importance of celebrating this day is, it will attract the attention of masses towards the need of implementing world peace. Laughter is a happy emotion and it can be reciprocated with laughter alone. With participation of more countries in this celebration, many crisis in the country can be averted.


It is essential to create a better awareness among people so that they can take part in the celebration of the world laughter day and know about the need of bringing more laughter in their lives. Have you laughed today? Please laugh for it is healthy.


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