Amichi mourns sports promoter


PLANS are underway to give a renowned sports promoter who hails from Amichi in Nnewi South Local Government, Chief Sunnyside Okafor a befitting burial until his death at 82, Dr Sunnyside Okafor was known his love for sports especially, football.
He was the presidential candidate of National Youth Forum of Nigeria (NYFN), in the Second Republic and a notable stakeholder in the defunct Nigeria Peoples Party (NPP).
Chief Okafor (Chikeluba) in his early life ventures established a driving school in Onitsha which turned out eligible drivers of all grades.
Chikeluba was the Chairman of Anambra State Gaming Commission during Ex-Governor Chinwoke Mbadinuju’s administration and later, Revenue Collector for Anambra State Administration on Gamings. He was a patron of Boys and Girls Brigade in both Niger, Nnewi and Amichi Dioceses of the Anglican Communion respectively.
According to his son, Comrade Chuka Sunnyside Okafor, who is the consultant to Ebonyi and Bayelsa States on Games, he will be remembered for his humility in service to the public and humanity as well as in church activities at his home church, Christ Church Amichi.
His wife, Mrs Josephine Okafor said that she had missed in the demise of Chief Dr Sunnyside Okafor a caring husband and companion.
The 5-star Ochi Hotels Amichi, which Sunnyside raised to stardom was one of the edifices that showed visible and immediate answer to the much echoed Think Home Philosophy Igbo’s were beckoned to adhere to for greater tormmorow.


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