We thank God for Anambra’s belief in APGA – Bishop Chukwuma


His Grace, Most Rev. Dr Emmanuel Olisa Chukwuma,  OON, Archbishop, Anglican Communion, Enugu  Ecclesiastical  Province  and Bishop of Enugu Diocese,  Anglican  Communion is a household  name in Nigeria and beyond. He is a clergy, social crusader and an analyst. In this interview with MAUREEN IKPEAMA he  assessed the governor of Anambra State,  Chief (Dr) Willie Obiano’s  first tenure and offered advice for his ‘s second tenure.  Excerpts.

YOUR Grace, the governor of Anambra State,  Chief (Dr) Willie Obiano  and his deputy,  Dr Nkem Okeke  would be sworn-in for their second tenure in office on the 17th of March,  2018. Could you assess their first tenure?

Thank God for the success of the  election. The election that gave Chief Willie Obiano second tenure was credible. We thank God,  We also thank the people of  Anambra State for  believing in  the All Progressives Grand Alliance  (APGA),  the only  Igbo party  in Nigeria. We thank God  that Anambra  people identified with it  and voted for him.

In his first term, he did not discriminate  against anyone. As Anglicans,  he did his best for us. He will no fail to maintain the good work.

His Grace, Most Rev. Dr Emmanuel Olise Chukwuma, OON, Archbishop, Anglican Communion, Enugu Ecclesiastical Province and Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Anglican Communion

On  community development, he gave all the  communities money to develop their places.  He has proven that  he is a good leader. He has been able to release money to churches for development as he used to do.

On agriculture, Governor Obiano has done well in his first tenure to the admiration of the  people. He was not vindictive. He has an open mind. He is somebody you cannot frustrate at anytime.

There were some problems in Governor  Obiano’s first tenure like flagging-off roads and not completing the  roads but his attention to salaries and pensions is very commendable as he is starting his second tenure, he should address those issues he could not address during his first tenure.

Your Grace,  how did you see Governor Obiano’s relationship with his deputy,  Dr Nkem Okeke?

His relationship with his deputy  has improved. We thank God for that. Gossips  must not come between them.

What advice  do you  have for the people of Anambra State?

Anambra people,  continue to pray for Governor Obiano,  be united and support  him to maintain peace in the state. They  should make sure that there will be no discrimination.  We have supported  him now, we hope Anglicans will be given  the chance to become  the governor of Anambra State after  Chief Obiano’s second tenure.



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