Obiano’s works speak for him – Nwosu


Former Labour Party guber candidate, Comrade Peter Nwosu says APGA’s feat in government drew him in to the party.  He spoke with Rose Oranye and Emeka Nnadozie




CAN you give us your background?

Comrade Peter Nwosu hails fron Nnewi North LGA. I finished my primary school at Nnewi North LGA, secondary school at Balewa College, Zaria and OND  at Kaduna State Polytechnic.I now came down and finished my HND at Federal Polytechnic Oko. I am a business man and also a Politician. By special grace of God, in 2003, I was the auditor, Nigeria Labour Congress under  Comrade Onyeagba. Then I was Project Inspection Officer, Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas workers (NUPENG). Then in 2003, we formed Labour Party. This Labour Party was formed from NLC and by special grace of God, I was the first candidate produced by the Labour Party when I contested for the House of Assembly in 2007 in Anambra State. In 2011, I contested Federal House under the Labour Party. Then in 2013/2014, I contested for governor of Anambra State under Labour. After the primaries and everything, I realized that a tree can’t make a forest, so I decided to collapse Labour Party. When you talk of Labour Party in Anambra State, you talk of Comrade Peter Nwosu.

By saying you collapsed Labour Party, does it mean you didn’t get support from the people?

I had support, I had followers but a tree can’t make a forest, meaning that Anambra State has three senatorial zones –  Central, North and South. I belong to the south, but the two zones, North and Central decided that the governor must come from North, then after North, it will shift to south, which is where I come from. It is a  mutual understanding but not constitutional, but we implement it. That is called zoning. So based on that, I saw no need of labouring again. Let them not be seeing me as the person that is spoiling the zoning. That was the reason I collapsed Labour entirely and  joined All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

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When did you join APGA?

I joined APGA in 2013 and why I joined APGA is because APGA is the only  Igbo party in this nation. Yoruba have their own, Hausa have their own and APGA belongs to ndi Igbo because that is why we say ‘nke a bu nke anyi’. So, that’s why I left Labour. But since I left Labour, there is nothing like Labour in Anambra State. Quote me, I am the founder of Labour Party in Anambra state in 2003 and I decided that Labour is not going to be in Anambra State again. Till date, there is nothing like Labour Party in Anambra State. They can’t do it because I have the key. I am a Labour man. I am unionist. So, I know where labour came from and nobody can do Labour apart from me in Anambra State. It’s not a joke. So that’s over. When I joined APGA, I continued supporting them. I made sure that the incumbent governor won the election that period because I joined them during their campaign.  During their rally at Ekwueme Square, I was the one that tore Labour Flag and my membership card. I joined APGA with more than 5000 followers, the membership of the original Labour and since then, I supported the governor and made sure he won the election that 2013\2104, and till date, I keep on supporting him. Even this Obiano’s  re-election, I know what I sacrificed and will continue to make sure he wins election especially in my own local government.

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Apart from APGA being an Igbo party, if it has not been performing well, would  you have joined it?

Yes. It’s not a  matter of doing well or not. APGA is an Igbo party and it is ruling Anambra State here. And the former governor then, Peter Obi, did well. That’s what touched me to join them. Again, the incumbent governor, Obiano, is doing very well and I believe that APGA has come to stay in Anambra State.

You said you were the the founder of Labour Party  in Anambra state, where is Dan Anyauwu from?

Labour party is a product of NLC. It was NLC that registered it. Don Anyauwu was the National Chairman of the Party. Then Jude Ezeokafor from Nnobi,  I am the person that made him the state chairman in Anambra State. Dan  is from Imo State.

What’s your take on Obiano’s  re-election and the forth-coming inauguration?

Because of his good works, he touched many  lives and he carries everybody along. That is why he won 21/21 in his re-election. It has not happened in this country or state before. It’s because of his good works, so, people now showed him that they like him. My own humble advice is, let him continue the good work he is doing. He is called Akpokuedike, showing really that he is Akpokuedike of Anambra State and Akpokuedike Global. So,, I am very happy about the way he carries everybody along. He is not the kind of person that is doing winner takes all. So I am very grateful and i will continue to support him in his second tenure.

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Can you mention Specific works  he did that impressed you in his first tenure?

The main thing that touched me is security. Before Obiano came into power, you cannot sleep with two eyes closed in Anambra State. There was kidnaping and  armed robbery here and there, But immediately he was sworn in as governor, all these things disappeared in two months. That is one. Secondly, he pays salaries before month end to the workers. Workers are calling him ‘Alert Governor’. Thirdly, he touched agriculture. Can you believe that every year’s Christmas, Obiano gives a bag of rice each to all workers and many other people? Are you talking of education, infrastructure, roads?  I am very happy. Assuming that third tenure is guaranteed, I will still support his ambition to contest. Let him continue in Anambra State because he is going to lead Anambra State to the Promised Land. But the constitution doesn’t provide that, that is why by special grace of God, by the time I will emerge as governor of Anambra State, come 2022, I will continue where he stopped.

What areas would you want our governor to concentrate more in his second term?

When you talk of doing well or the area I want him to concentrate, to me, even up till now; he is still doing the good work. He continued with roads, education, street lights.

You can have night life in Anambra State today. So, he knows what he is doing and I know that he will do more. We didn’t know that this Anambra State will be like this. So, I think he is going to do very well in this second tenure.


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