Various slants for Valentine’s Day


By Kosisochukwu Elechi

VALENTINE is from the Latin word “ Valentinus, which is derived from Valens-  and in English word, it means “to be strong, powerful, mighty”.

Valentine’s Days is also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the feast of Saint Valentine. It is annual holidays celebrated on February 14.

Valentine’s Day is now recongnised as significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance in many regions around the world, although is not a public holiday in any country.

Valentine’s Day has stories that teach a lot about love, sacrifice, and commitment.

Valentine day is an old tradition thought to have been originated from a Roman Festival known as “Lupercalia” according to history.

The celebration of Valentine’s Day has extended from England to the Anglosphere and beyond.

Valentine is celebrated in the Easter Orthodox church in July. There are several Saint Valentines associated with february l4, but the tradition revolves largely around Valentine of Rome.

Valentine of Rome is said to be a Christian martyr, killed  on February 14 , 496 under the direction of  Emperor Claudius 11 of  Rome. Several stories about his persecution exist.

One is that during the general persecution of Christians, Valentine of  Rome was interviewed personally by Emperor Claudius 11 for sentencing .

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Claudius 11 was impressed by Valentine and offered that if Valentine should agree to be converted to paganism, his  life could be spared. Rather than covert, Valentine is said to have attempted to convert  Claudius to Christianity, thus earning himself the death penalty.

Another tradition suggests that Valentine preformed wedding for soldiers who had been  prohibited from marrying by rule of Emperor Claudius 11 based on the belief that single men make better soilders.

Valentine was jailed and supposedly, those whom he married passed him notes and flowers in jail.

He also fell in love with jailer’s daughter while in person.

Modern celebration of Valentine’s day as a romantic holiday that includes exchanging of cards, chocolates and flowers came mostly from England and it is developed fairly recently.

In some countries, Valentine’s Day is largely a celebration of friendship while in other countries; it is an expression of love to family members or friends.

Valentine’s Day celebrated in the mid February in order to mark the anniversary of Saint Valentine’s death. It’s thought to have happened in middle of the month, around 270AD. While others maintain that the Christian church decided to place saint valentine’s feast day at this time of the year in a effort to “Christianise” the pagan festival of  Lupercalia.

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Centuries after his death, the story of valentine’s self-sacrificing commitment to love was legendary in Rome. He was granted sainthood and the Catholic Church decided to create a feast in his honor.

Obi Chiamaka Blessing made it known to National light reporter that Valentine’s Day is an expression of love, togetherness in form of message or given to a person. Saint Valentine was killed in 14 February and it is celebrated to remember the death of the saint, she added.

She further said that youths misplace Valentine’s Day as a day of sex and so on. But in actual sense, is the day to show Agape love and to remind us of the saint and not the other way round.

She concluded by saying  that people give gift on valentine’s day  in order to show  love and  that people do wear White and Red on Valentine’s day, that the colours signifies purity and love that she celebrated hers with her family.

Nwabunwanne Gozie Emmanuel explains valentine to be a day of remembrance of the man called saint valentine who died because of love.

“I don’t have a girl friend, so I celebrated mine with my family” he added. Red is the colour mostly worn on the day of valentine because humane believe that it signifies loves. People do send Valentine’s card to their loved to show them love or you can take them out to an eatry or buy them chocolates, he concluded.

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According to Eze Emmanuel, he explains valentine to be a celebration of love, a day marked for you and your loved ones to celebrate your love for each other by sharing gifts such as valentine cards, presents, kisses and so on.

When two opposite sex are in a relationship, valentine day is a day meant specially to express their feelings more and even show it to the world if they can, He added.

He concluded by narrating how he spent his 2017  Valentine day. He said, “The last time I celebrated my Valentine was with my ex-girl friend, I took her out, bought things for her, so did she.  I also expressed my love for her by telling her that “I lover her”, kissing her multiply times, playing around with her, stayed at her place that whole day, helped her with dishes after dinning with her family.


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