2018: What People Say


As we enter the year 2018 amid mixed feelings, aspiration and expectations, National Light reporter, EMEKA NNADOZIE took peoples opinion on what they think of the new year.

Everybody should go and ‘hustle’ — Anthony Nweke

2018: What People say
Anthony Nweke

2018 is a very nice year. We know we will be better than last year. So everybody should go and hustle. God will be on our side due to the way we are seeing.

Obiano is a good governor and he is doing his best and the years he has governed the state, we saw how things went.

It is this new tenure he is yet to enter that we are going to access him the more because security wise, the Governor is trying assiduously in that respect payment of salaries, he is the governor that I can say that pays workers salaries without saying that the month has not ended. Every 27th of every month, it is a very good achievement and some roads that I saw that they are working on.


We will change most politicians – Samuel Okigbo

IT IS a year of hope by the grace of the almighty God; it is a very nice year. A year of focus, a year of hope for the hopeful, the year we will change most politicians because they are same thing with criminals.


2018: What People Say
Samuel Okigbo

Natural resources provided in this country by the almighty God for the benefit of the common masses and are so dominated by the so called cabals and the federal government and I wonder how they export the crude oil and import it which is even supposed to be sold N15.00 per litre because during Abacha, he sold it for N11.00 per litre upon his son Abubakar who connived with the oil magnets to do what they like but today fuel is sold N250.00-N230.00 per litre. I don’t know what Buhari is doing. Then coming to security, wonderful, the country is highly insecure, there is herdsmen issue all over the places and Boko Haram. Let me tell you, the government is making a mistake, you should forget about religion and forget about religion sentiments and Christians, Muslims.

It is not supposed to be government functions but to crown it all, there is maximum insecurity in the country. Anambra State is trying because of the Governor. You know he has stayed in America and he knows American system, security wise and we are benefitting from that.


Hard work and patience – Dr Ndefo Okigbo

2018: What People Say
Dr Okigbo

IN this year 2018, we pray that things should work well for us and if we must know the only reason to make it in life is to work, work, work and work hard and the next thing is carefulness. When somebody is working hard, he must be very careful.

The youth must work hard to make it in life. The president has said that youths should not be relying on white collar jobs rather create jobs for themselves. Formerly when youths are learning trading, they learn patience and money management.


Nigeria will get it right – Emmanuel Okafor

2018: What People Say
Emmanuel OKafor

YES, I have started seeing light at the end of the tunnel and I know that the federal government has some plans for this year because Nigeria is out of recession now and with the 2018 Budget, Nigeria is going to get it right because in 2017, there was no money in circulation.

That was why people suffered a lot of hunger. So my believe is, if they implement 2018 budget, things will come to normal.



We should eschew showing off – Nnamdi Obiorah

WE should be grateful to God and thank him for everything because of his infinite mercies. We glorify him for his enablements. He only expects us to come to him with thanksgiving and be truthful and show love in relating to one another, respect the rules and regulations and the people in authority and give advice where necessary because no man is with the monopoly of knowledge.

2018: What People Say
NNamdi Obiorah

Hope in God always and exercise patience, things will get better. We should eschew showing off. That brings problems but when you have that mind-set that you live for your neighbor and your neighbor is also for you there will be peaceful harmony. In Southern Africa, they called it “umbontu” which means you are, because I am, you have seen it. Have forgiven minds and do not keep malice with these, poverty will go, sickness will also go, as well as injustice. God said in Gen. 6:3 that man will live for 120 years and that 120 years is also small.


We want our economy to improve – Francis Igboemeka

WE have been looking forward and praying for the year 2018 and now, we are into the year 2018.

2018: What People Say
Francis Igboemeka

So there are a lot of goodies concerning our country, Nigeria, Anambra State and we are looking forward to see Anambra State economy improve the Governor promises that the first quarter of the year, there will be an increase in state workers salaries and I know that the states internally generated revenue has been increasing and as a matter of fact what is left for the governor is to implement the 2018 budget. This 2018 will be a good one for all of us, especially civil servants and a lot of construction works and other projects will be met.




We need to change unwanted changes – Emma Nwobu

THE year is still very young to access. When you talk of predictions, go to men of God who do predictions or sooth sayers I am not a sooth sayer to predict but from what I know and as a Christian, we are professing faith. The year started on a good note.

We have not heard of any disaster and we have not heard of problems anywhere. For me, the year is a promising one. The year of good things. Of course there are signs that good things will happen.

Though we are in a transition period to 2019, the year we are going to change the unwanted change. It is an opportunity for us now to change the unwanted change.


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