Angry son kills father in Ihiala


From Chinemelu Okafor, Ihiala

A MAN has killed his father, Ide James Onunkwo, popularly known as Top and Top in his Amaduru village of Orsumoghu, Ihiala Local Government Area.

The incident which allegedly occurred last Saturday has continued to spread fear among residents who wonder why a person will kill his own father

However, some villagers say the assailant is suffering from some mental disorders.

It was learnt that Onunkwo was killed by his son when the deceased sought to intervene in fight between him, the suspect, and one of his sisters, who was identified as Chikason.

According to a resident, the suspect has become a thorn in the flesh of his father and other family members.

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He was said to be having problem with everybody, but it was his fight with his sister on the day of the incident, during which the suspect allegedly dealt cutlass on his sister. His father’s efforts to wrestle the machete from the suspect was said to have angered him. But instead of listening to his father, the suspect continued to deal machete cuts on his sister.

The suspect allegedly overpowered his father and started inflicting machete cuts on his head, before their father slumped and lay down in a pool of his blood where he died before people who heard the noise could come – with the suspect nowhere to be seen.

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The suspect’s sister who also received several machete cuts was rushed to a hospital.

Irate village youths were said not to waste time in going into a manhunt for the suspect. But the man is still at large, though a native doctor in the area claimed to have seen him at Eke Ututu market in Orsuihiteukwa, a neighbouring town in Orsu L. G.  A of Imo State.

Son kills father

Efforts by the native doctor to forcefully bring the suspect back to Orsumoghu was resisted by him, who allegedly pulled out a dagger and inflicted several stabs on the native doctor, though herbalist said the stabs had no effect on his body.

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According to him, it was in the midst of the fisticuff between him and the suspect that people at the market gathered to know what the problem was. The native doctor narrated how the suspect killed his father, wounded his sister gravely before fleeing from their town.

The people wasted no time to hold the suspect and immediately alerted security agents who arrived the scene and arrested him.


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