Youth Potentials and Information Age Economy in Anambra


By Afunugo Amaechi

IN THE age of new world information order, age of information economy, we need to change the orientation of the youths to make them understand that education is not solely for seeking government employment but making the individual function optimally and coping with the dynamics of the day to day living as well as the challenge of fast changing modern world.

To this end, our educational system should address this orientation right from the elementary levels through the university so that students prepare themselves to live independent of government upon graduation.

Promoting entrepreneurial education is a very good step by the present administration and a right one in the right direction for entrepreneurship is the way out of poverty.

Furthermore, the major index of growth and development across globe is a sustainable entrepreneurial practice for advancement of poverty eradication anchored on a sound education background.

There is also the need in the governor’s second tenure to improve the educational and professional qualifications of our citizens through seminars and workshops which are quick fix solutions to some of our citizen yearning educational needs.

Second tenure should be one that will be channeled to with intellectual bent because emphasis today is being put on professional education. That does not make us think elitist, it is only a reality of today’s society.

Therefore, in a changing technological world, there is need to expose our staff and citizens to advances in modern technology.

We are in the age of information explosion for “information is the new currency of global emerging markets” – information is POWER – those who are informed carry the day. Those in the dark will see the light because “SUCCESS” is information acted upon!

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Again, the difference between the rich and poor is INFORMATION – which will give you the required knowledge to make appropriate decisions.

Anambra Youth and Information age
Cross section of Anambra Youth

Knowledge is the new nucleus, the source of the highest value, replacing capital, labour and materials as raw components of progress in a new information era.

We are in the age of information explosion: the computer, internet, email, satellite etc. This is the age of knowledge where functional education takes prominence over all other factors. Beyond, the foregoing, we live in the age of enterprise where in there is global business approach towards solving individual and collective welfare problems.

The challenge from all these scenarios is how we would measure up and remain relevant in this new age.

In the new information age economy, we should strive to be self dependent by acquiring the tools to fish. We should be givers not beggars.

The present efforts of the state government search for the right path towards the establishment of a virile, self-reliant and progressive state based on the principle of social justice and world wide tradition of democracy and citizen’s participatory government is highly commendable.

Efforts should be intensified to encourage emergency of “INFORPRENEURS” to channel energy of the youths to reduce unemployment, because I see youths as “hub if properly mobilized will provide the potent force on which task of nation building will revolve”.

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Encouragement of “INFORPRENEURS” in our state will help expand our frontiers and multiply the citizens, especially our youths income generating capabilities.

One will ask, who is an “INFORPRENEUR” – one that sources, collates, store and market information materials for money through ebooks, hardcover, free reports etc.

People will pay you a lot of money if you can show them how information will worth the money: they are willing to pay for such ebooks or special reports like: “How to lose weight” “how to be a better sales person” how to relieve stress” how to have a better sales life” “how to interpret dreams” “how to control your anger” – It never stops! Someone is constantly writing and selling information on how to do something and they are getting rich doing so!

From research conducted, everyday nearly 8000 people start a Home Based Business, joining the nearly 25 million people in the U.S already have one. Home Based Business owner earn an average income of $58,000 (US) per year, over twice $26,000 annual salary the average U.S employee makes. Do you hear this?

It is advisable for the government of the day to look into this untapped business endeavour, especially at a time where people in various fields of endeavour are looking for cutting-edge information that will give them that real competitive advantage!

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Writing on a topic “Limits in communication hardware development in philosophy and dimension of  National Communication Policy vol2 edited by Dr Tony (Nnaemeka et al), Professor Chuka O.B Obah revealed that “information and ideas, can be strange and powerful phenomena that model a society. In every nation, people exhibit a dire human need to exchange ideas and information in order to sustain an ordered and progressive existence. He informed that “a society that is ideas and information literate, is more responsive to government, can participate more intelligently in civic affairs, can help in making business decisions which may in turn result in lower prices to consumers. Such a society, he contends – is better able to adjust to changes brought about in living conditions by technological development, it is more politically conscious and more able to contribute to its governance. In short, the writer continued – a well informed and articulate society is a mobilized society, battle-ready for the achievement of a nation’s development in such key national priority areas as health care delivery, educational and agricultural development, socio-economic development, political and economic development.

“To inform the people appropriately is therefore a responsibility of every government”.

To me, it is the duty of the state government to serve as catalyst for eventual transformation of the society into a dynamic information flow system.

The time is now to harness this virgin area so that our citizens can leap frog to that run away prosperity they have been waiting for!


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