Victor Umeh: Best example of a freedom fighter

Umeh: The prize for doggedness

By Afunugo Amaechi


AS THE Anambra Central Senatorial re-run election holds Saturday, expectations are high in political quarters. Most candidates jostled, made hectic moves for the race for the much expected senate election.

Have they learnt lessons from their predecessors as ndi Anmabra look forward again on January 13, 2018 to make the big decision via their votes?

There is no going back. Definitely “ndi Anambra Central Senatorial Zone shall go to the polls to elect their Senator who will represent them in the National Assembly.

Yes, as the saying goes. “The height that great men reached and attained cannot be cutoff by a sudden flight for when others, including their mates are asleep, they keep on toiling all the night”.

Again “no great man is ever born too soon or too late. When we say that time is ripe for this or that celebrity, we confess by implication that this very man and no other is required”.

“Man cannot discover new oceans until he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”. So is the journey of Chief Victor Umeh, Ohamadike Ndigbo.

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Chief Victor Umeh will definitely debate issues in the senate instead of wallowing in character assassination. He will be our servant and will be in a position to voice out for the down trodden masses of the society.

Chief Victor Umeh, has passed the test of personal integrity as well as good family background.

He was the chairman of Chief Willie Obiano campaign re-election Committee which performed creditably well beyond the expectations of Anambrarians and the nation.

As he sets to clinch the exalted senatorial seat of Anambra Central, definitely he will not convert government into a family affair or join gang of conspirators or mafia clan or an ethnic association.

Ohamadike will go to the senate definitely to serve his people and the entire state and he will be enshrined in their heart and minds. Leadership, after all, is the ability to transform vision into a reality.

Again, the purpose of leadership is to help those who are not doing well to do even more better.

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Furthermore, leadership is the ability to see a problem before it becomes an emergency.

I know that as a leader, Ohamadike will always stand for justice in dealing with people. He will be there to lean over backwards, if need be to protect the innocent. He will stand for an innocent person not to suffer. Chief Victor Umeh has promised in his campaign outings that he will assist the able governor elect of Anambra State, Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano, to take the state to the next level which he did after November 18th gubernatorial election which APGA Govt came out in flying colours.

Chief Victor Umeh is an intellectual and sees “youths as hub and  if properly mobilized, will provide the potent force on which task of nation building will revolve”.

He is ready if need be, to lay down his life in courage and able to inspire people pout of despondency.

His intellectual records and court case winnings has earned him respect among intellectuals in our great country.

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He is one of those that believe that “Education is a vehicle and transformational tool for socio-economic empowerment.

Good leaders like Chief Victor Umeh speaks well and listens well. He knows when to lead and when to follow… Good leaders like Chief Victor Umeh have a view of today and a vision of tomorrow!

As we expect him to emerge victorious in the much expected Anambra re-run central Senatorial zone… he will work through others to create form from possibility. He is ready to share in common a willingness to risk failure in the pursuit of success! Nevertheless, his victory at the much expected senatorial seat will fire him with a passion to accomplish an impossible purpose and is consequently, fundamentally optimistic even at the darkest moment of despair!

Therefore, as Anambrarians wait for the  victory of Chief Victor Umeh who will lead us in the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria… as a leader, he will  no doubt, lead by example!

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