Trump and Jerusalem politics

By Chinweike Ofodile

PEOPLE may say anything they like about Donald Trump, his brashness and all, but nobody can take away from him that right now, angels are giving him a standing ovation for his rarity.

He is a man who does not mind swimming alone and even against the tide in defense of his convictions, especially when they are just. The world had dithered for far too long in taking the right decision but here is a man, whom posterity would always hold in awe, telling the world that intimidation by terrorists is not enough excuse for failure. So, he stood up to be counted alone, and did what was right and proper before the Lord. After all, it was this same attribute that made him President of the world’s number one nation against popular expectations and tested political gladiators like former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Trump has no stomach for political niceties, doublespeak or trickery.

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump

He is an unlikely politician and now it is obvious why God gave him victory over much more politically exposed opponents even when his own party doubted and abandoned him. It was certainly divine orchestration for an occasion like this, the restoration of the Israeli capital.

Jerusalem was actually the Jewish nation’s capital before the country was dispersed into captivity. Yes, for skeptics, let it be emphasized that it is a historical fact that Jerusalem was the capital of the Jews even during the time of King David, until about AD 35 to 70, when God allowed the dispersal of the Jews. The Jewish nation went through hell literally. They suffered in the hands of virtually all the great powers of old: Egypt, Greece, Rome, the inquisition in Spain, pogroms in Russia, Germany, the Holocaust, the armies of seven Arab countries, Saddam Hussein and other atrocious crimes till date, yet the tiny nation still stands tall whereas their tormentors are whittled or exterminated.

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It was during the time of dispersal that the Arab nations made a mess of its land but, thankfully, the United Nations allowed Israel back home in 1948, to a place that was more desert than land but the Arabs sought to destroy the fledgling country. The world still remembers the six-day war with awe, when seven Arab nations came together to wipe out the tiny nation but went up in smoke instead.

Within those six days in a blitzkrieg of audacity never seen in history, the small nation decimated the Arab world put together and recaptured its lost territories, including part of Jerusalem, which the Arabs also lay claim to, being descendants of Abraham too. Israelis have made their desert bloom in accordance to the biblical promise of a land flowing with milk and honey and sent their own satellites into space, at the same time, much to the envy of the perpetually famished and squalid Arab world roundabout.

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