Herdsmen menace: Soyinka condemns Buhari


PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has not fared better than former President Goodluck Jonathan in handling of the activities of Fulani herdsmen across Nigeria, which many say has risen to a menace.

Nobel Laurete, Prof Wole Soyinka made this known yesterday in a paper he released in Lagos over the recent massacre of farmers in a Benue town by people suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

While insisting that Buhari is handling the continued killings of farmers with kids’glove, the poet pointed out that it was the same with how Jonathan handled Boko Haram until it subsequently escalated.

The playwright wondered why the Buhari-led government had not considered some of the suggestions which stakeholders recommended as a solution to the crisis.

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The paper titled ‘Impunity Rides Again Through Killer Herdsmen’ berated the president’s response to the menace posed by herdsmen in various parts of Nigeria.

Soyinka stated that after a similar orgy was unleashed by the herdsmen in 2016, a security meeting was called and the cattle rearers reportedly attended the meeting with AK-47 assault rifles visibly under their garments.”

“They were neither disarmed nor turned back. They freely admitted the killings but justified them by claims that they had lost their cattle to the host community. Such is the monstrous beginnings of the culture of impunity. We are reaping, yet again, the consequences of such tolerance of the intolerable. Yes, indeed the government is culpable, definitely guilty of looking the other way.’ He said.

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“I am not aware that IPOB came anywhere close to this homicidal propensity and will to dominance before it was declared a terrorist organisation. The international community rightly refused to go along with such an absurdity. The conduct of that movement, even at its most extreme, could by no means be reckoned as terrorism. By contrast, how do we categorise Myetti Allah cattle breeders association?” Soyinka queried.


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