Christmas with peculiar children nearby


By Chuka Nnabuife

SOMETIMES, if not often, a haul of treasure may be hived within one’s reach yet he would not know.

Happening upon the Model Motherless Babies’ Home in Real Estate, near Government House, Government Residential Area, Awka and the quality of children therein was my biggest discovery of last Christmas season.

Interestingly, the facility is located within earshot from my office and the children there are contagiously warm-hearted and well behaved.

Some masked entertainers on parade during the events.
Some masked entertainers on parade during the events.

But for an impromptu invitations marked by frantic calls by a brother and friend, Benneth O. Udensi, who led a body of Law Students of the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam campus to the home for a Christmas party, on Sunday, December 11, 2017, I may not have made the discovery.

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Along with the Anambra State House of Assembly legislator, Timothy Ifedioramma (Njikoka, APGA), Mr. Udensi led the body of undergraduate and post graduate students named Putting Smiles on the Less Privileged Foundation with gifts of food items, beverages, clothing and  snacks amid  colourful display of masked comic characters and music to the facility.

For an over four-hour period of fun and the generosity of Santa Claus the home was in frenzy as the children beamed from ear to ear, hopping from one photo session to another with the Law students who were equally ecstatic.

Udensi said that the visit was the second of a yearly outing. He said that in December 2016, the group paid a similar visit to the home, and hops to call again in December 2018. According to him the yearly visitation is one in the group’s several social responsibility projects.

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The fanfare was so engaging that none could hide his joy. Hence, when one of the volunteers in the home, Davidson Okereke informed that his non-governmental organisation (NGO) was planning another party for the children in the home in the next eight days, it was widely accepted.

Group of children at the event.
Group of children at the event.

On Monday, December 18, 2017 when Comrade Okereke staged his own event, through his Dave Okereke Foundation for the Less Privileged and Youth Entrepreneurship, it was another level of fun. The children equally conducted themselves in splendid manner. From their dressing to hospitality and response to food, music and gifts, it was obvious that handlers of the facility were giving them good orientation.

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I was so impressed that I did not restrain in my commendation when I had a brief audience with the nun in charge of the management of the home.

I told her I would like to “visit again and again.”


  1. It’s not yet over I really want to appreciate the MD of National Light for his support 🙏 to the well being of the ophans and Charity at Large though I lost contact with him since I joined the military. I want to assure him that we are coming out bigger and better. Soon our site will be functional but he can still visit my website for more info about
    Long live the MD, Long Live the National Light Crew I love you all.
    DAVE Okereke


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